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When the bricks encapsulate the story

Our favourite pastime is to walk in the streets of London, hoping to find a quirky architectural detail, a mysterious Victorian heirloom, a peaceful garden with a twisted tree trunk and an inviting coffee shop where the locals come and go.

Below is a list of interesting locations in North London that have the potential to inspire any writer. Very often the story is already there, the writer only has to let his or her mind wander and find it. Below is a list of these places where history lingers and characters are waiting to be brought to life.

In Crouch End one can find:

· The clock tower

· the Town hall

· The Funeral parlour with its back garden/office on Felix avenue

· The Priory Park

· The church studios ( Eurythmics recorded there)

· Banners, the restaurant where Bob Dylan allegedly had breakfast in 1986, there is a plaque to commemorate his visit, at the back on the right above a table.

· The Parkland walk, pictured below The Parkland Walk from Crouch Hill

the mysterious yet very popular Parkland Walk

In Highgate,

· the Cemetery is worth a visit

It has inspired many writers over the years including Audrey Niffenegger who still works there whenever she visits London as a guide for the people visiting the cemetery on a tour.

For more infos on her novels follow the link

· The Highgate library as it is a lovely old building.

· Highgate Woods because of the fantastic trees, the open spaces and wild life.

· The disused and forgotten Highgate station linked to the parkland walk and it's interesting history.

In Muswell Hill:

· The Muswell hill golf club

· The Sunshine garden center

· The Mossy Well Pub

· Rookfield 'Collins built' Estate Fortis green mansion Rd and the Rookfield garden estate

· Martyn's, the oldest surviving shop in Muswell Hill.

· The top of Muswell Hill, at the roundabout because of the feeling that we live on top of the world!

· St.James Church

· The feeding troughs in Queens Avenue

· Sitting outside the cafe at Sunshine Garden Centre watching people enthuse about plants.

Alexandra Palace for its architecture and outstanding views over London

· The Water pumping station on Woodside avenue

· Crocodile antique, a quirky coffee shop

· The Clissolds arms pub for its important part as rock & roll venue during the swinging 60's.

· Owen's cafe and deli on Alexandra Park Road for its middle class hues and tones.

· The Maid of Muswell pub

· The Ice rink at Ally Pally The Furlong pub as it's the location of the first Weatherspoons pub chain

· Queens Avenue Sitting outside the cafe at Sunshine Garden Centre watching people enthuse about plants.

In Camden, there is the beautiful Regent's Park with its genteel atmosphere and its contemporary Frieze art fair.

in Kings Cross, the newly built and restored buildings bring a touch of modernity to a Victorian working canal and old disused facilities.

Take the time to wander.

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