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The short story revival

Most publishers and literary agents accept submissions. However, more often than not they do not want to receive short stories. Why?

The general answer is that there is not so much interest in this particular format from the consumers. I disagree. The whole point of marketing is that a good advertisement can sell anything. So it sounds like a poor excuse to blame it on the consumer.

Make a great collection, with a great cover and a cool design and there will be readers who buy the book.

Thus, I salute this initiative in the Lonton tube. As it is reported in the Guardian today, there is a machine that sells short stories printed on paper. They are more like flash fiction as they can be read on a short journey between two to four tube stations.

As long as the reader recycles the paper afterwards, this is a great idea.

Now I need to find out which writers are represented in this vending machine.

Most collections of short stories I see in big bookstore chains are written by very famous and admired writers ( and most are long dead too) so it would be great if more collections of short stories written by young writers could be published.

Here is the link to the article in question.

Please comment if you have seen the machine and used it to get a short story.

Happy reading

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