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Scared and Scarred

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Opened in March 2019 our account has attracted 1,622 followers, most of them writers.

Interacting and chatting with other writers is a real pleasure as the #writingcommunity is very welcoming and cultured.

One of our tweets was popular, it is copied below:

7th of June 2019: "Simple question: which novels scared you and scarred you the most?"

The tweeter followers got inspired and answered by listing the most scary and scarring novels they have ever read.

The answers were mostly from contemporary writers, much acclaimed ones such as Stephen King.

I thought it could be useful to compile the answers into a list. So that next time you want to enliven your Sunday evening by reading a haunting novel, you can just have a look and either order one on kindle or borrow one from the library beforehand


Enjoy the thrills and let's hope you will eventually manage to fall asleep albeit with the bedside table light on.

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