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Our Flash Fiction reading evening

a public reading at Princess Alexandra Pub on Park road, N8

Thank you to Nick, the pub manager, who let use a room in this lovely pub:

The Princess Alexandra Pub.

The location is anchored in the local history since it is named after a historical figure, Princess Alexandra, who was the lucky owner of the Alexandra Palace which sits upon the hill above the pub itself.

We met on Monday the 18th of March, after 8:30pm. The North London Tales writers took turns to read their flash fiction to a smitten audience.

It was so much fun.

We shared dark stories and cheery tales of seduction, love, death and cats!

You can have a look at our picture gallery below to see our readers hard at work.

Mariane Antonis read:

  • There were no Scythes at the Whittington

  • Sarawasti set to work

Rochelle Falconer read:

  • Hot Mess

  • Boundaries

Liz Langford read:

  • Is Death Scary?

  • Into the Cellar

Misha Mansoor read:

  • Boiler Trouble

  • Cocktail Cabinet.

Katrina Murray

  • Bossy

Maud Waret read:

  • Melanie

  • Mind The Gap.

The Princess Alexandra Pub is a lovely venue and we will be back soon to share more fiction.

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