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Meet the writers: Marianne Antonis

Marianne is one of the writers who joined out creative writing group in 2018.

  • Biography

Marianne is a singer, writer and teacher who happily lives in a world of song and stories, when she remembers that that is where truth lies.

"Writing is connection for me. Connection to life and imagination, connecting with those who I tell stories to, and to those whom I tell stories about: living and dead, real and imagined.

It began as a child, with scribbling on the yellow bedroom wall in red crayon; then listening to my mother read to me, hearing her relish each word.

Later, I’d take several books to read in bed because I couldn’t choose between them, memorise nonsense poems, learn piano and sing my heart in made up lyrics.

Jump decades, and the view from my eighth floor window brings me trees that dance, or the moon rising in its arc over London, writing themselves into poems and songs.

And now, I find myself back in the land of stories where it all began: relishing the words and pictures of my writing friends."

  • My Special Object

Marianne chose her special object and she is sharing a picture of it with us on the blog:

"This is my precious object: a gold envelope that belonged to my mother. It pops open and shut, and contains a letter.

When I can manage to get the letter out, it reads: ‘l’Agence Nord-Sud, 1916’

I don’t remember my mother telling me the story behind it, or it’s significance. But I wear it day and night."

Marianne is reading one of her flash fiction short stories at the Princess Alexandra Pub.

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