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Meet the writer: Rochelle Falconer

Rochelle Falconer joined out creative writing group as an illustrator and graphic designer. However, she quickly caught the writing virus. She shares an interest in dark crime fiction with Maud Waret and a very sharp witty comedic sense with Misha Mansoor.

Please have a look at Rochelle's visual art by clicking on this link:

In her own words:

"I'm a London based Illustrator and Graphic Designer. I studied Graphic Design at De Montfort University and have worked for a variety of companies since then, including Design Agencies as well Games companies.

I also have two little girls that I draw inspiration from daily! I love to draw and it's a skill that never stops growing, so I'm constantly pushing myself and learning new skills and software.

The glue that holds all these things together are my skills as a graphic designer which keeps me grounded as I like to keep my designs fresh and up to date with current trends, colour palettes etc. I also have a passion for paper art and sell some of my work under the name 'Little Rock - Paper Creations'"

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