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A room with a view

Many famous and acclaimed writers are increasing their revenues by offering podcast and talks. It is always great to hear from the ones who have been so successful. They have a huge amount of experience and knowledge to share as well as some inspiring anecdotes and funny jokes.

However if you can't afford to suscribe to their online conversations do not despair! This is where building a writers' community can come in handy. For it is free and it is just as inspiring.

Find some fellow writers online, using social media or the old-fashioned note or leaflet at your local library (I hope you can access one still), then organise coffee mornings or evening meetings at the local pub. Weave your own local web. Come to our workshops for inspiration if you live in North London.

To become a writer one only needs:

a mobile phone

a computer

some pen and paper

some free time

I am convinced most humans can get access these if they really need to.

I have heard of young writers writing entire novels on their mobile phone. One of our members' collective uses her phone to write her short stories and flash fiction.

If you use paper make sure you have a dictionary.

I would advise anyone to get to use Word as it offers spelling checks, word count and offers tools that are essential for formatting. ( see blog post on formatting)

In our European cities, it is hard enough to find a room to live in so I have no illusion how hard it is for young writers to find a room with a view to write in. But do not despair, you only need some time alone to write. You just need 30 minutes a week minimum to write a 600 words flash fiction. Do it once a week and after a year you will have a portfolio of 52 short stories!

Impressive and almost ready to put together to create a collection.

Start small, baby steps can lead to a marathon.

Ready, steady......Write

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