How It Got Started

The Seeds

The idea for a collection of short stories set in North London and describing how London feels germinated in the busy mind of Maud. Because writing is a difficult endeavor, Maud needed to help. She shared her seedling with other like-minded gardeners.
When she met a published author, Katrina, in 2017, Maud realised there was a way to let the stories grow.
Thus in September 2017 the first creative writing meeting was organised and the meeting took place in Maud's kitchen.
2 years later we have seven writers involved and many, many words have been written.
There has been lots of laughter, many hours sitting in front of the computer with blurred vision, some tears... In the end we have a concept.
We created a literary garden where writers come together to grow ideas and stories. We nurture and tend our garden with love, care and duty. Please come and join us if you are a writer or an illustrator, you can also enjoy reading our work and support our mission by visiting our shop.
With love
The North London Tales collective


Our writers in 2019

from left to right, bottom: Katrina Murray, Marianne Antonis, Liz Langford-Naing
from left to right, top: Rochelle Falconer, Maud Waret and Misha Mansoor


Our members in 2018

The women writers and illustrators who are collaborating on North London Tales

From left to right: Misha Mansoor (writer) , Rochelle Falconer ( writer and illustrator), Katrina Murray ( writer and editor) , Francine Brody ( editor and reader) , Maud Waret ( writer)

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